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Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack [2005]

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Episode 4

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Season 8

Episode 4 • What Is It About Men

Dear Mr. President - Fitz and The Tantrums

Dear Mr. President

Fitz and The Tantrums

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Richard gets his playlist put on while starting a surgery with Alex; Ben tells Derek he doesn't think he's a nice guy; Mark & Derek fight for Avery's attention.

Tokyo! - Josh Ritter

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Derek & Owen work on the house while talking about work; Mark tells Sofia a surgery story & complains to Arizona & Callie about how often they are checking up on him.

Devil's Taken Her Man - Miss Li

Devil's Taken Her Man

Miss Li

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Derek tells Meredith she can't ask him about his work; Richard leaves a meal & note for Adele; April talks to the guys about laundry; Mark tells Arizona & Callie he'll be fine with Sofia while they're gone; Owen sets up in his new office; Derek works on his house.

Goshen - Beirut



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Mark asks Avery to sew their patient's ear back on; Owen tells the guy he hit that he feels good about what he did.

Future Starts Slow - The Kills

Future Starts Slow

The Kills

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Ben, Avery & Owen work off relieve their stress by helping Derek with his deck.

Cheap Music - Handsome Furs

Cheap Music

Handsome Furs

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Mark orders Alex to examine Sofia.

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Owen takes Sofia as Derek & Mark fight over Avery; Richard returns home to find Adele did not eat her lunch.

Hold On To Your Friends

Toro y Moi

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Alex & Avery discover what the 'Mayfield excuse' really means; Mark's patient is told by his friend that he sold the Tardis for money for his medical bills; Alex tells Avery he needs to start over on his paper.


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