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Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack [2005]

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Episode 8

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Season 8

Episode 8 • Heart-Shaped Box

Shoot Me - Miss Li

Shoot Me

Miss Li

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Meredith tries to get Derek to stop kissing her and think about Zola's hearing; Lexie asks Avery if she'll see him later

I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

Miss Li

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Richard admonishes Avery for ducking out of Mark's surgery; Mark asks Alex what is up with Avery; Meredith tells Callie that Mrs. O'Malley knows she's married.

Where Do I Even Start? - Morgan Taylor Reid

Where Do I Even Start?

Morgan Taylor Reid

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Henry tells Teddy he doesn't want to waste his life; Meredith & Bailey talk about George & raising kids while finishing Mrs. O'Malley's surgery; Avery breaks up with Lexie.

How Come You Never Go There - Feist

How Come You Never Go There


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Teddy & Henry kiss in the on-call room; Mrs. O'Malley asks Meredith about Callie's wedding ring.

Hold On - Mozella

Hold On


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The Residents grab lunch.

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Callie shows Mrs. O'Malley pictures of Sofia; Derek explains to Owen why he wants to try the surgeries; Alex overhears Polly say she's not taking the peds job.

Looking For You Again - Matthew Perryman Jones

Looking For You Again

Matthew Perryman Jones

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Mark & Avery make up; Alex, Cristina & Meredith talk about George & how they've changed; Teddy finds Henry coughing up blood.


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