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Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack [2005]

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Episode 21

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Season 8

Episode 21 • Moment Of Truth

This Head I Hold - Electric Guest

This Head I Hold

Electric Guest

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The residents get ready to leave for their boards; April freaks out on Owen about not passing her exams; the doctors give the residents last minute tips.

People In Her Mind - Poor Moon

People In Her Mind

Poor Moon

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April accidentally informs a guy he didn't get the job he wanted; the residents wait to register for their boards; Meredith tells Cristina she thinks she has Zola's stomach flu.

Lakehouse - Of Monsters and Men

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Richard & Catherine have sex.

80 Miles


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Cristina says she's probably going to a different hospital; Morgan's son dies.

Young Blood - Birdy

Young Blood


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Lexie tells Derek she's still in love with Mark; Teddy informs Owen that Cristina texted saying she's about to go into her exam; April tells Avery Jesus hates her because she's no longer a virgin; Avery's lucky pencil is broken; Cristina & Meredith head into their exams.

All Or Nothing - Au Revoir Simone

All Or Nothing

Au Revoir Simone

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Meredith & Cristina talk through their hotel room door; April kisses Avery, then drags him into her room; Richard & Catherine discuss Avery passing his boards & Adele's new found happiness.

The Sun - The Naked and Famous

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Arizona tells Alex they can't do anything for Morgan's son; Avery tells April she has to concentrate on herself; the guy who accused April of stealing his job confronts her & April ends up punching him.


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