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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 • We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Pot Kettle Black

Tilly and the Wall

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Performed as Annie, Dixon & Silver crash Naomi's 'Not So Sweet 16' party.

Shut Up and Let Me Go

The Ting Tings

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Ethan & Naomi argue, then leave the club; Adrianna steals Naomi's purse.

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

The Offspring

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Lacrosse try-outs.

Whee Doggie Banjo Bit

Billy Lee Cox / All-Star Music

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Navid & Dixon show Silver's webisode to Annie.

California Bound

Carolina Liar

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Ethan thanks Annie for staying quiet.


Pop Levi

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Naomi & Annie hang out at The Pit.

Don't Let Me Fall


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Annie & Dixon talk by the pool.

Time to Pretend


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Dixon & Annie arrive at West Beverly Hills High.

What You Got

Colby O'Donis

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Naomi runs into Mr. Matthews at a club.

Viva La Vida


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The Wilson family arrives in Beverly Hills.

Chasing Pavements


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Naomi confronts Ethan as they dance.

Last Day Of Your Life

Glass Pear

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Kelly embraces her son, Sammy; end montage.

Beat Control

Tilly and the Wall

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Performed as Adrianna returns Naomi's purse; Tracy gives Harry some news.


Valerie (GUEST)

7 months ago

90210 season 1 episode 1 at18-15party scene what is the song playing in background. It's not Colby o DONIS it says we've been kicking it a long time always no what's on your mind I'm in corner with my best friend ) I don't no the name or who sings it help I've looked everywhere

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Valerie (GUEST)

7 months ago

I'm trying to look for the song from the party scene Colby o DONIS play his song but when I watch 90210season 1epasode 1 it's doesn't play that song it plays here's the verse we've been kicking it a long time, always no what's on your mind, I'm in corner with my best friend. And that's all I can here because they talk over the song . What is the name of that song. Help me I've looked everywhere.

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