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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 3

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Season 2

Episode 3 • Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat

Bassment Party - Cool Kids

Bassment Party

Cool Kids

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Sasha talks Dixon through DJ-ing; Annie gets Mark to expose Naomi's lie to Silver.

Reminder (RAC Remix)


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Teddy greets his guests; Navid gets chummy with Teddy; Dixon discovers that Sasha is DJ-ing the party.

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Dixon asks Navid, Liam & Teddy for advice on Sasha.

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Dixon's then Sasha's phone rings; repeats Dixon explains why Silver is giving Sasha 'the eye'.

We Run LA - Dr. Hollywood

We Run LA

Dr. Hollywood

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Sasha gives Dixon her phone number.

Red Light Love - Those Darlins

Red Light Love

Those Darlins

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Naomi & Silver arrive at Teddy's yacht party & see Annie with Mark.

Get Together

Standing Shadows

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Navid phones Dixon to check on his whereabouts.

Take It Like A Big Girl


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Dixon orders some pizzas and meets Sasha.

DJ - Amanda Blank

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Navid congratulates Dixon on Sasha.

Soft Kill - Taxi Doll

Soft Kill

Taxi Doll

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Dixon introduces Sasha to Navid; Liam complains to Dixon about Annie's actions; Navid gets sea sick.

The Plan - Kite In The Air

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Dixon finds Silver & Sasha chatting.

Wanted - Jessie James

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Dixon lets Sashsa drive Navid's car.

Baptized In Blacklight - Kenna

Baptized In Blacklight


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Dixon borrows Navid's car; Mark tells Annie that she's owes him.

It's Your Touch

The Black Ghosts

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Dixon & Sasha kiss.

Poison - Bell Biv DeVoe

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Dixon & the guys plot to keep Silver & Sasha from meeting; Dixon & Sasha talk.


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