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Episode 19

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Season 2

Episode 19 • Multiple Choices

One Eye On The Door - Helen Austin

One Eye On The Door

Helen Austin

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Annie goes to leave Liam a message but changes her mind, then brushes him off when he returns her call.

Hang Me Up To Dry - Cold War Kids

Hang Me Up To Dry

Cold War Kids

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Dixon arrives at school to find graffiti covering the halls, then he confronts Mark.

Hey Na Na

Katie Herzig

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Naomi orders smoothies for her friends before running into Jen.

Love Seat - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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Liam & his father talk over pizza.

As We Enter - Nas & Damian Marley

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Not An Animal - Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside

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At dinner, Ivy complains that Dixon is ignoring her.

You Talk - Babyshambles

You Talk


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Silver shows up at the tennis court to apologize to Teddy.

Dream City - Free Energy

Dream City

Free Energy

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Naomi picks up trash at school as her friends ignore her; Principal Wilson stops by to check on her & give her a new assignment painting over graffiti.

A Perfect Tourniquet - Anberlin

A Perfect Tourniquet


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Teddy tells Silver he's planning to compete in tennis after high school & not go to college right away.

Eet - Regina Spektor

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The students sit down to take their SATs; Teddy tries to talk to Silver before the test.


Darren (GUEST)

10 months ago

The song when Dixon walks into school to see the graffiti is not remotely close the the actual song.

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5 years ago

Need some help from any fans out there. I am trying to help a friend. They are looking for a song from season 2, episode 19 where Dixon goes to school the next day after the break in and sees the school vandalized. It is NOT the original song as it was first aired called hang me out to dry. This person saw it on netflix a few months back and they changed the song to something else because of licensing issues. I called Netflix and of course the customer service was completely unhelpful. It is no longer on Netflix for streaming I think or maybe just in my area. But if anyone is able to help find out this song. Again it is the song Netflix replaced season 2 episode 19. Thanks in advance!!

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3 years ago

Omg I’ve been trying to look for the same song and I even wrote the lyrics down on YouTube and the song doesn’t show up

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