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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 10

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Season 3

Episode 10 • Best Lei'd Plans

Magic Marker - Kite In The Air

Magic Marker

Kite In The Air

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Liam pretends to be Laura boyfriend after she spots her ex, Dax, at the beach; Silver drags Navid off for a walk on the beach.

Hot Pepper


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Debbie runs into Ryan while on her internet date.

Missing Teeth - Andrew Vait

Missing Teeth

Andrew Vait

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Naomi informs Ivy she has no intention of actually surfing.

Get Some - Lykke Li

Get Some

Lykke Li

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Adrianna confesses to the girls that she has been ignoring Navid; Ivy surfs.

Haleakala Ku Hanohano - HAPA

Haleakala Ku Hanohano


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Liam, Dixon & Teddy eat on the beach; Teddy watches Ian talk with another guy; Silver joins Dixon & Teddy after chatting with Navid on the phone.

Angel (RAC Remix)

Mr. Little Jeans

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Ivy joins the girls on the beach after practicing for the surf invitational; Naomi tells her friends she wants to get back into dating.

Love Crisis - NagNagNag

Love Crisis


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Debbie runs into Ryan outside the high school.

Sunlight - Turtle Giant


Turtle Giant

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While driving Laura around, Liam tells her that he'll never be into her.

Just A Dream - Nelly

Just A Dream


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Ivy tells Laurel that they are not friends; Adrianna thanks her friends for supporting her; Silver tells Teddy she heard that he apologized to Ian; Adrianna poses for the papparazzi.

Older Brother - Pepper Rabbit

Older Brother

Pepper Rabbit

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Silver teases Teddy about his limbo skills; Silver receives a text from Adrianna thanking her for her help with Navid.

The Rock and the Tide - Joshua Radin

The Rock and the Tide

Joshua Radin

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Ivy phones her dad; Oscar asks Naomi how she's doing; Teddy helps Ian clean up after the luau, then they kiss.


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