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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 14

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Season 3

Episode 14 • All About A Boy

Queen Drum

Young Galaxy

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The surf team cheer Ivy on her run.

All Day Day Light

The Morning Benders

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Ivy meets with Guru Sona for help with her fear of surfing.

Young Free Rough

Lover Lover

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Adrianna tells Navid trying to get her daughter back is just a ploy for a reality show.

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Katherine tells Annie she wants her to audition for the role of Cecily; Teddy & Ian meet up at school.



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Navid & Silver fool around, then are interrupted by Adrianna's phone calls.

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Dancers announce Guru Sona's arrival.

Tanola Nomads

Sainkho Namtchylak

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Ivy meditates in her truck before heading back to the beach. 

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Naomi is congratulated on her party, then has a revealing conversation with Sunbeam.

Life's Too Short

Wild Party

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Annie confronts Debbie about her dating Ryan.

Rolling In The Deep


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Katherine phones Emily to tell her she got the part; Adrianna shows up at Navid's as he's making out with Silver; Teddy drives Ian home.

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Adrianna & Silver talk to Naomi about her gift to Guru Sona; continues as Adrianna tries to talk with Navid.


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