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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 11

Episode 11 • Project Runway

Take The Beat


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Silver & Shane run into Ronnie at the fashion show; Navid & Teddy spot Silver at the fashion show.

Lone Wolves

Kid Infinity

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JD gives Dixon some drugs to calm him down.

And Then The Gun

Kid Infinity

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JD introduces Dixon to the members of the band The Imperial Interchange.

Climbing Walls - Strange Talk

Climbing Walls

Strange Talk

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Dixon, Ivy, Liam & JD play beach volleyball as Navid watches.

Bridal Chorus - Wagner

Bridal Chorus


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Whistled by a group of guys as they walk past Teddy.

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Liam tells Teddy about his new modelling job as they play darts; Shane arrives to say goodbye to Teddy.

The One - Air Traffic Controller

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Dixon & JD hang out at Liam's bar as Adrianna works nearby.

Tethered To The Sun (Remix Clean)

Kid Infinity

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Annie gets a phone call as she arrives at the fashion show; Navid warns Ronnie off of Silver; Silver tells Navid she's glad he's moving on; Annie tries to track down Marla's necklace, then Liam offers his help. 

Jello - Far East Movement

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Holly's fashion collection is modelled; Liam walks the runway

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Dixon returns the drugs to JD while DJing.

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Dixon rewatches a video of Adrianna's performance while trying resist taking the drugs JD gave him; repeats as Dixon uses Adrianna's song while DJing.

Good Life - OneRepublic

Good Life


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The gang says goodbye to Teddy; Teddy leaves a message for his uncle as Silver drives him to Shane's place.

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Teddy apologizes to Silver.


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