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Episode 13

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Season 4

Episode 13 • Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Little Britney

Daniel Lenz

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Naomi comments on Annie's party; Ivy & Annie discuss moving on; Liam asks Vanessa if she told the police everything she knew about his accident. 

Mango Tree - Angus and Julia Stone

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Navid's father tells him he's turning himself in; Dixon tells Austin that he got them fired from the gig.

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Rachel berrates Naomi for her behavior, then Naomi blurts out that Austin cheated with Holly. 

All Our Love - Gentlemen Hall

All Our Love

Gentlemen Hall

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Naomi meets Annie & Dixon at the airport; Annie asks Naomi how Liam's doing, then Ivy joins them.

Sister - Dads



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Liam shows Vanessa his bar.

Once A Servant - Psychic Friend

Once A Servant

Psychic Friend

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Dixon & Adrianna meet tour manager Trent Thomas.

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Dixon reunites with Adrianna; Austin comments on Dixon's clothing.

Salvation - Carolina Liar


Carolina Liar

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Austin informs Dixon & Adrianna that he got them their first gig; Annie tells Naomi & Ivy she's getting Liam's bike fixed; Silver complains to the girls about Navid's stuff being all over her house.

Winter Waltz

Peter Ecklund

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Rachel arrives at the event as Naomi is making out with a guy backstage.



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Silver asks Navid what happened with his dad. 

Little Secrets - Chamberlin

Little Secrets


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Liam & Vanessa lie in bed and discuss their plans for the day; Greg introduces his daughter to Silver, who realizes that she's the baby Adrianna gave up.

Daylight - Run Kid Run


Run Kid Run

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Naomi goes to Liam's bar and asks for a drink. then tells Austin that his actions hurt her.


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