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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 15

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Season 4

Episode 15 • Trust, Truth And Traffic

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Liam brings in Naomi to assist in Vanessa's re-launch plan.

Till The Day I Die - Owen James Harvey

Till The Day I Die

Owen James Harvey

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Ivy complains to Annie about not getting the job because she's Nick's girlfriend.

Just A Part Of Me - Standing Shadows

Just A Part Of Me

Standing Shadows

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Silver offers to pick up Maisy for Greg.

So Far So Good - The System

So Far So Good

The System

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Dixon & Austin thank Bree for cooking them dinner.

For You And Me - The Fearless Vampire Killers

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Bree tries to convince Annie to help her find someone to live; Naomi works on getting her first client, then is confronted by her physics TA, Hal.

Addicted - Taxi Doll


Taxi Doll

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Liam finds Vanessa redecorating the bar and they end up arguing over her plan.

Where U Goin - Arkells

Where U Goin


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Vanessa suggest to Liam that they re-launch the bar, then Ivy joins them and tells she's meeting with an agent.

Carrying The Torch - Generationals

Carrying The Torch


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Naomi tells Annie & Silver she needs to meet her TA; Silver tries to talk to Annie about being an escort.



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Silver joins Adrianna & Maisy in the park.

Beat Through - Turtle Giant

Beat Through

Turtle Giant

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Annie confronts Bree about framing Dixon for burning down the Kappa house.

Beekeeper's Daughter - The American Rejects

Beekeeper's Daughter

The American Rejects

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Performed at the bar re-launch as Naomi & Liam to return to the bar; Naomi presents her physics project to her TA.

Need You Now


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Liam apologizes to Vanessa for doubting her.


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