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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 19

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Season 4

Episode 19 • The Heart Will Go On



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Ivy asks Annie to tell Dixon she's glad her told her about Raj; while in bed with Preston, Naomi gets a call from Jen; Silver gets a message saying her test results are available; Annie discovers that Caleb is a priest; Ivy returns to Raj's room, only to find him dead.



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Liam informs Vanessa he made her his partner in the new production company he started; Diego tells Annie that Ivy needs to be with Raj; Raj tells Ivy he doesn't want to be in pain when he dies or be separated from her again; Annie offers Ivy her support.

Adventures In Your Own Backyard

Patrick Watson

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Naomi rushes home to talk with Jen only to find her gone; Preston tells Naomi she's the one he wants.

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Ivy rushes to Raj's bedside & asks him how he could lie to her; Liam & Dixon talk about telling the truth.

New Armor


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Annie confronts Dixon about his being in the hospital; Ivy thanks the crowd for her support; Dixon tells Ivy about Raj being in the hospital.

Call It Off

Tegan and Sara

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Ivy tells Diego she filled out the 'artist in residence' application for him & that she's going on the 'Surf For Good' trip.


The Ting Tings

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Preston gloats about how Annie is acting so much happier after meeting Caleb, then Annie warns him off getting involved with Naomi.

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Caleb tells Annie about his beach clean-up experiences.

Your Girl


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Dixon tells Annie about the contract offer he received, then Naomi shows them the sweater she bought for Jacques.

Some Are Lakes

Land of Talk

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While picking up trash on the beach, Annie complains to Ivy about Preston & they discuss their relationships or lack there of; Caleb invites Annie for a coffee & chat.

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Ivy talks to Diego about her choices for the future, then finds a divorce request from Raj.


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