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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 23

Episode 23 • A Tale Of Two Parties

Enjoy Your Stay - Andy Lange

Enjoy Your Stay

Andy Lange

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Naomi introduces Madison to Nick Carter in an attempt to set her up.

Pay Me - Miguel

Pay Me


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Navid challenges Liam to a drinking contest.

I Don't Want You Anymore

Jessica Lowndes

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Adrianna performs at the bachlorette party.

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Caleb & Liam join Navid & Max at the bachelor party; Navid & Liam start slinging insults back and forth; Austin arrives with the 'entertainment'.

Crash Your Party - Karmin

Crash Your Party


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Naomi spikes the punch at Madison's bachlorette party then starts a trivia game.

Civilian - Wye Oak


Wye Oak

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Liam calls Annie down to the bar to talk with a drunk Caleb.

Louco - Quetzal Guerrero

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Ivy searches the skateboard park for Diego, then chats with one of his friends.

All Of Me - Tanlines

All Of Me


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Navid apologizes to Austin for being so hard on him, then Max invites them to his bachelor party.

Morning Light - Courrier

Morning Light


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Max tells Naomi about his company while he tries on a tuxedo;

For Keeps - Royal Teeth

For Keeps

Royal Teeth

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Austin reads one of the movie review to Liam, then tells Adrianna Bruno Jacoby wants to shoot her music video.

Chasing the Sun - The Wanted

Chasing the Sun

The Wanted

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Austin makes a deal with Bree, then the police burst in; Navid accuses Liam of only wanting to be with Silver to 'save' her; Caleb dances on a pool table; a drunk Madison breaks an aquarium to 'free the sharks'.

Don't You Forget It - Nick Waterhouse

Don't You Forget It

Nick Waterhouse

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Austin offers to pay Bree for some 'extra entertainment'.

Saturday Smile - Gin Wigmore

Saturday Smile

Gin Wigmore

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Max asks Naomi if she thinks he & Madison are moving too fast, but her response is interrupted by Madison joining them.


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