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Episode 21

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Episode 21 • Operation Fake Date

Cherry Red - Ida Maria

Cherry Red

Ida Maria

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Cat & Tess try to convince Beth to rethink her story, while Heather's bachelorette party is going on.

Shadow of a Man - Neulore

Shadow of a Man


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Cat & Vincent stroll around the city in disguises, while discussing the situation with Gabe.

The Artist - Shelby Earl

The Artist

Shelby Earl

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Cat & Gabe talk while at a cake decorating course.

Volcano Girls - Veruca Salt

Volcano Girls

Veruca Salt

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Tess & JT shop for stuff for Heather's bachelorette party, then run into Cat's reporter friend, Beth.

Come On Over - Royal Blood

Come On Over

Royal Blood

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Vincent is tested on a treadmill, while he insists they wait until Knox arrives.

Never Change - Night Panther

Never Change

Night Panther

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Tess tries to talk Heather out of the bathroom with news of the male stripper's arrival, as Beth tries to get into their conversation.


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