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Being Human Soundtrack [2009]

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Episode 5

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Season 3

Episode 5 • Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth

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Aidan is followed by some guys, who he then takes out as Liam watches.

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Sally finds Max polishing a car while listening to music.

Long Time To Lose It

The Wooden Birds

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Sally tells Zoe she's been dispersing any ghost that bothers her; Nick & Zoe head home.

Let My Love Weigh You Down

Early Winters

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Sally & Max kiss in the 'viewing room'.

Night Song

Family Band

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Sally apologizes to Max for freaking out on him; a nurse finds Aidan asleep in Kenny's room.

Born Whole

Doe Paoro

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Max & Sally hang out with friends as Max's mother's ghost makes comments in the background.

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Aidan wakes from his dream and Kenny seems him in his vamped out state.


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