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Being Human Soundtrack [2009]

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Episode 7

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Season 3

Episode 7 • One Is Silver and The Other Pagan

Nothing Outside - A Minor Swoon

Nothing Outside

A Minor Swoon

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Sally tracks down her friend Bridge, who thinks Sally is a ghost.

Slip Away - National Skyline

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Sally tells Bridge about her 'condition'.

First Drop - The Crackling

First Drop

The Crackling

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At the hospital, Josh tells Nora he'll always choose her over Aidan.

I Hear You Calling - Chalice and Blade

I Hear You Calling

Chalice and Blade

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Bridge introduces Sally to her coven.

Gold - Wake Owl

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Sally gives Bridge her anti-possession necklace; Nora & Josh return to Erin's room to find the doctors pronouncing her dead, as Aidan watches from afar.

It's Gonna Be Fine - Jon and Roy

It's Gonna Be Fine

Jon and Roy

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Sally discover that her hair is falling out and her death wound is reappearing.


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