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Bitten Soundtrack [2014]

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Episode 3

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Episode 3 • Trespass

River - The Belle Game

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Elena arrives back at her apartment and is greeted by Philip, leading to sex on the dining room table.

Ancient Mars - The Zolas

Ancient Mars

The Zolas

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Elena & Rachel drink wine on the balcony and talk about relationships & family; Philip asks Logan if everything's okay with Elena.

Cut, Watch, Leave - Jason Bajada

Cut, Watch, Leave

Jason Bajada

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While sitting down to dinner, Rachel & Philip ask Elena & Logan about their family.

Daydreaming - Nat Jay


Nat Jay

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Philip works on dinner as Logan & Rachel arrive.

Pushing Hard

Todor Kobakov

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Elena wanders through the dancers at the rave, then find the mutt; continues as Elena tries to contain the mutt as he transforms.

Warm Shadow - Fink

Warm Shadow


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Elena tries to talk Clay out of killing a guy attacked by the mutt; Peter, Nick & Logan compare their opinions of Karl; Elena tells Clay she let things get out of control, then informs Jeremy she's leaving in the morning.

Hell Of A Life

Leeory Stagger

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Clay turns on the Car stereo to block out Elena's conversation with Philip.

Out Of Control

Todor Kobakov

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Elena discovers that the mutt escaped through the ceiling; the mutt starts attacking the ravers.

Blown Minded - Young Galaxy

Blown Minded

Young Galaxy

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Nick shows Peter & Logan the business he's renovating, then introduces them to Amanda as Karl Marsten arrives; continues as Karl works on charming Amanda, then asks Nick why his presence was requested.

Palm Villas - Gold & Youth

Palm Villas

Gold & Youth

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Nick asks Karl why he's in New York state and what he knows about the mutts.

It's All - Jono McCleery

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Logan gets a call from Clay, then he informs Elena they have to return to Stonehaven; Clay, Antonio, Nick & Jeremy find Peter's body in the woods.


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