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Complete List of Songs

  • Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)
    Icicle Works
    Donna comments on Carrie & Sebastian kissing in the hallway; Carrie, Mouse & Maggie discuss Walt & Donna's break-up; Mouse complains about how sex ruined her top student placement.
    Tom Andrew
  • Adolescents
    Dorrit listens to music in her room, then yells at her dad for not knocking.
    Tom Andrew
  • I Need That Record
    The Tweeds
    Dorrit shops for an album for Carrie, then gets caught shoplifting.
    Tom Andrew
  • Age Of Consent
    New Order
    Carrie & Walt hang out at the party; Larissa puts Carrie in contact with Tripp Ramsey; Walt apologizes to Bennet for what happened on Halloween; Carrie charms Tripp with her 'book idea' as Sebastian arrives.
    Tom Andrew
  • Livin' in the '80s
    Zero Boys
    Sebastian tells Carrie he wants to leave the party for some alone time; Carrie tries to find Tripp.
    Tom Andrew
  • Finders Keepers
    Needle Dik '80
    Dorrit returns to the record store & confronts the store clerk.
    Tom Andrew
  • Total Insanity
    The Kind
    Carrie finds Sebastian drinking excessively, then notices Walt & Bennet chatting; Bennet urges Carrie to reconnect with Tripp.
    Tom Andrew
  • Fly Like The Wind
    Used Records
    Walt asks Bennet if he would want to hang out again.
    Tom Andrew
  • Tempted
    Carrie plays the mixtape that Dorrit made her, then invites Dorrit to breakfast at the diner with her friends; Carrie gives Donne the read Coach bag; Walt tells Maggie they're not getting back together.
    Tom Andrew
  • Happy Birthday
    Altered Images
    Carrie blows out the candle on her birthday cupcake & celebrates with her friends.
    Tom Andrew


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