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Gossip Girl Soundtrack [2007]

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Episode 4

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Season 3

Episode 4 • Dan De Fleurette

Black Champagne

The Starlight Mints

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Jenny gets ready for school; Blair runs into a group of girls outside her room.

Summer Job - Art Brut

Summer Job

Art Brut

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Serena interviews at various fashion houses.

The Upstairs Flight - Magic Bullets

The Upstairs Flight

Magic Bullets

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Blair meets the 'Master Of The Universe Society'.

Dance Like Michael Jackson - Far East Movement

Dance Like Michael Jackson

Far East Movement

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Dan waits for Vanessa at the movie premiere.

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Serena & Ursula chat.

Leaving Is Easy - Almost Charlie

Leaving Is Easy

Almost Charlie

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 Dan gives 'Kate' advice on classes.

Habanera (from 'Carmen') - Bizet

Habanera (from 'Carmen')


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Blair hosts a slumber party for Constance girls.

Moth's Wings - Passion Pit

Moth's Wings

Passion Pit

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Blair texts Chuck about his present; Ursula thanks Serena; Vanessa phones Scott; Scott makes plans with Georgina; Jenny takes on the role of queen as Blair finds new subjects to rule; Olivia asks Dan for another chance.


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