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Gossip Girl Soundtrack [2007]

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Episode 19

Episode 19 • Dr. Estrangeloved

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Two Weeks

Grizzly Bear

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Nate serves Jenny waffles as they discuss Serena's absence.

Drop Alcohol - Two Hours Traffic

Drop Alcohol

Two Hours Traffic

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Vanessa shows Dan the play she submitted for her Tisch application.

Slang Tang - Discovery

Slang Tang


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Cameron offers to help Blair make Chuck jealous; Vanessa confronts Dan over his reaction to her getting into Tisch.

Dim The Lights - The Phenomenal Handclap Band

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Blair, Dan & Vanessa arrive at the party, then Nate, Chuck & Jenny follow; Blair chats with Cameron then spots Chuck; Dan asks Willa to tell her father a mistake was made; Dan confronts Jenny about her presence at the party.

Quiet Assurance - Telegraph Canyon

Quiet Assurance

Telegraph Canyon

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Serena tells Rufus she atleast owes her father a conversation; Dan reads his rejection letter to Vanessa prompting her to admit that she got the spot at Tisch.

No One Just Is - Holly Miranda

No One Just Is

Holly Miranda

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Serena phones Nate for consolation & ends up confronting him about spending time with Jenny.

Percussion Gun - White Rabbits

Percussion Gun

White Rabbits

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Serena tells Nate that Lily is sick; Blair remembers her time with Chuck; Lily thanks Rufus for putting up with William's presence; Vanessa deletes Dan's apology message; William phones an associate about a prescription for Lily.

Look Alive - Wait. Think. Fast.

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Blair tells Chuck she's been trying to get over him the wrong way.

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Jenny tells Nate he deserves someone that treats him better than Serena does, then she tries to kiss him as Serena walks in.


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