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Gossip Girl - S4E9 Soundtrack

The Witches Of Bushwick

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  • An Old Photo Of Your New LoverThe One A.M. Radio
    The One A.M. Radio
    Serena finds Eric & Elliot debating the merits of Dan versus Nate; Lily reads Serena a news article about Colin, then informs her that the Dean wants a meeting with them.
  • DevilsSay Hi
    Say Hi
    Chuck consults with K.C. about the black & white ball he's hosting; Blair reassures Anne that Chuck is no longer part of his life, as Chuck says the same to K.C.; repeats as Blair convinces Chuck to change his ball to a Saints & Sinners & they make out on her bed.
  • We Live UndergroundLights On
    Lights On
    Jenny & Juliet arrive at the masquerade party; Dan & Nate wish each other luck.
  • Fast EnoughInfernal Devices
    Infernal Devices
    Juliet tells Vanessa to get the Girls Inc board meeting moved to the masquerade party.
  • Lightning (UTNG Version)Birds and Batteries
    Birds and Batteries
    A fake Serena kisses Nate, then Dan; Serena has problems getting into the party, when she arrives with Eric & Elliot.
  • Make Me Wanna DieThe Pretty Reckless
    The Pretty Reckless
    Blair tells Chuck she heard his 'I Love You', then he admits that he meant the words; Chuck & Blair's relationship is exposed to the party; Juliet sends gossip blast of 'Serena' kissing both Nate & Dan.
  • Hot SaharaFans Of Jimmy Century
    Fans Of Jimmy Century
    Blair tries to convince Anne that she's still right for Girls Inc; Serena is confronted by Dan & Nate, then Blair; Eric tries to stop Serena from leaving; K.C. tells Chuck that his kiss with Blair actually worked in his favor; Juliet drugs Serena.
  • I Saw The LightSpoon
    Jenny meets with Vanessa and they try contacting Juliet; Juliet sits in a cab with an unconscious Serena, then texts the Dean saying Serena is withdrawing; Nate & Dan head off to play Red Dead Redemption; Lily gets a call from the Dean about Serena's withdrawal.


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