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Gossip Girl - S5E7 Soundtrack

The Big Sleep No More

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  • Some BoysDom ft Emma Hendry
    Dom ft Emma Hendry
    Blair tells Dorota they're going to feed the ducks; Nate asks Chuck where he's been, then he complains about how his relationship with Diana has not changed; repeats as Ivy tells Diana she won't do anything to jeopardize her position at The Spectator; Serena runs into Ivy's ex-boyfriend, Max.
  • Black HillsGardens and Villa
    Gardens and Villa
    Blair heads for Chuck's group at the benefit, then Dorota follows; Nate reassures Ivy that Diana's out of town; Ivy sneak away to meet with Diana; Diana tells Max that Serena's in a gold dress.
  • Shells Of SilverThe Japanese Popstars
    The Japanese Popstars
    Blair searches for Chuck, then tells him she can she he really has changed; they kiss; Diana tells Ivy to kiss a masked Nate, who is really Max.
  • Haunted HeartLittle Hurricane
    Little Hurricane
    Diana tells Nate that from now on they are equals; Serena calls Diana to tell her she's ready to help bring down Gossip Girl; from his apartment, Dan texts his dad saying he's on the road; Diana informs Nate's grandfather that everything is in place.


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