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Gossip Girl Soundtrack [2007]

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Episode 7

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Season 6

Episode 7 • Save The Last Chance

Red Lips

Sky Ferreira

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Ivy presents her deal to Bart & Chuck, then stops by to tell William how it went.

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Chuck finds Bart searching his apartment; Dan & Serena hang out in bed and talk about their plans for the day; Chuck orders up a maid service.


Katy Tiz

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The Dons & Sage arrive at Blair's Pop Up; Nelly tells Blair she plans to see what the teens think of the new line.

Kill for Love


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Dan & Serena agree they want to be together; Blair's employees celebrate; Dan tells Georgina he's writing a Serena chapter.

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Serena & Blair apologize to each other, then make plans for breakfast.

Get Wild

Niki Watkins

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Blair accuses Serena of sabotaging her with Sage; Serena reassures Blair that the girls love her line.

Dancing Alone

Dirty Radio

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A Fed complains about Chuck wasting their time; Blair tells Chuck about her problem with the Dons.

Heart Killer


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Bart insists Ivy hand over the microfilm before they take compromising photos; Chuch tries to convince Ivy to change her mind; Rufus gives the microfilm to Lily.


Antennas Up

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Blair leaves Serena a message about the Pop Up; Sage calls one of Dons about a change of plans; Dan tells Chuck about seeing Ivy at the loft.


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