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Greek Soundtrack [2007]

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Episode 4

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Episode 4 • Picking Teams

California Blur - Echo Jet

California Blur

Echo Jet

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Rusty practices hockey while talking with Calvin.

Shine - Fredalba

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Kappa Tau plays Lambda Sig in an intramural floor hockey game.

Messin' Around - The Woods

Messin' Around

The Woods

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Casey steals control of the athletic support meeting from Rebecca.

Summer Stay - All Smiles

Summer Stay

All Smiles

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Dale stops by as Rusty & Calvin play air hockey.

Facing East

Music Library

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Rusty scores on his own team.

I Know You - Lindsay Price

I Know You

Lindsay Price

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Rebecca warns Casey she has competition for the next sorority president.

Don't Play Nice - Verbalicious

Don't Play Nice


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The ZBZs get the Kappa Taus drunk.

Tiny Spark - Brendan Benson

Tiny Spark

Brendan Benson

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Everyone hangs out at Dopler's after the game; Calvin reveals that he's gay to Rusty.

I Know - The Explosion

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Kappa Tau vs Omega Chi floor hockey.

The Dirty Girlz - Shapes Of Race Cars

The Dirty Girlz

Shapes Of Race Cars

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Cappie drags Casey into the closet to talk.

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The Kappa Taus run to the game.


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