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Complete List of Songs

  • With Each Step
    The Trickles
    Duke tries to get a phone signal, then realizes he was sent back in time.
    Tom Andrew
  • Ain't That A Shame
    John Mullane and The Havens
    A band performs as Duke wanders around the Haven Shore Club, then orders a drink just as a fight breaks out.
    Tom Andrew
  • Lovin' Class
    The Bradley Boys
    Duke thanks Junior for getting him out of jail, then offers him a trade; Nathan joins Duke; continues as Duke tells Nathan about saving Junior's life, then discovers Junior's real name.
    Tom Andrew
  • You Can't Break A Broken Heart
    Johnny Davis
    Nathan talks to Duke about Roy needing to die.
    Tom Andrew
  • Just We Two
    The Ramblers
    Duke tries to convince Roy to leave town.
    Tom Andrew


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