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Episode 19

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Season 3

Episode 19 • Paris Changes Everything

The Piano Song

A Cursive Memory

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Stephanie drops by to see Spencer at his apartment.

Break Apart Her Heart

Good Charlotte

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Spencer arrives in Colorado.

L.A. Girls (Gilbert Le Funk Fantastique Remix)

David Tort and DJ Ruff meet Angel de Frutos

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Lauren & Whitney arrive at Colette after it has closed.

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Heidi talks to her Mom on the mountain.

A Cause Des Garcons


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Lauren & Whitney go to pick up their dresses.

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Heidi finds Spencer waiting at her parents' house.

You Always Get What You Want

Atomic Tom

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Lauren & Whitney talk at the hotel.

Le Code De Bonne Conduite


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Lauren & Whitney arrive at the photoshoot.

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Whitney & Lauren meet up with the French rockers at a bar.

Come On, Come Out

A Fine Frenzy

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The girls are taken to the Eiffel Tower.

Loose Ends

Great Northern

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Spencer has an awkward dinner with Heidi and her parents.

Flashing Lights

Kanye West

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Lauren & Whitney go to Club Neo.

Don't Stop The Music


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Lauren & Whitney rush to pick up Lauren's new dress.

Nobody Has To Know

Rebekah LeBeau

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Heidi & Spencer talk during dinner.

Un Jour Je Serais Lara Croft


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Lauren finds her gown ruined.

Let The Flames Begin


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The girls get ready for the debutante ball.

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Lauren flirts with Matthias at the club.

Thinking of You

Katy Perry

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Lauren kisses Matthias good night.

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Lauren gets a call from Matthias during the ball.

Stop And Stare


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The girls leave Paris.

Le Belle Et Le Bad Boy

MC Solaar

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Whitney & Lauren are given their jobs by Kimball at the ball.

Show Me What I'm Looking For

Carolina Liar

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Matthias picks up Lauren with his scooter.

Under That Cloud

Adrienne Pierce

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Whitney & Lauren pack.


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