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Life Unexpected Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 4

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Episode 4 • Bong Intercepted

When You Were a Millionaire - Eames Era

When You Were a Millionaire

Eames Era

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Ryan helps Cate shop for an outfit, then they make out in a change room.

Pepper Spray - The Upsidedown

Pepper Spray

The Upsidedown

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Lux confronts Cate about the file.

Airplane Eyes - The Upsidedown

Airplane Eyes

The Upsidedown

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Cate asks Baze about Lux; Drink-A-Date; Ryan tells Baze to start acting like a father.

Sing - Ben Lee

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Ryan & Cate talk about women in their 30's on their radio show; Baze & Jamie discuss the bar & it's money troubles.

Kite Song - Rosie Thomas

Kite Song

Rosie Thomas

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Cate tells Lux that things aren't working & she's being the best mom she can be.

American Typewriter - Dirtminers

American Typewriter


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Baze shows his friends his Craigslist ad.

Here Is A Heart - Jenny Owen Youngs

Here Is A Heart

Jenny Owen Youngs

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Lux reads the rest of her letter to Math; Baze drops off the bong lamp & money for Lux; Ryan & Cate arrive home to find Lux asleep in her room.


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