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Life Unexpected Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 13

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Season 2

Episode 13 • Affair Remembered

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Cate & Ryan get ready for work & talk about their day; Lux tries to get out of going to school.

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Emma tells Baze she only came to the party to talk to him.

Can You Feel Me

The New Hotness

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Ryan & Lux show up to help the guys with the bar.

Back From Beyond

Kid Harpoon

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Jones drives Lux out to visit Tash.

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Math & Baze talk as Emma arrives for Jack's birthday party; Baze confronts his dad about not telling him about his affair with Emma.

Love Me Like The World Is Ending

Ben Lee

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Cate & Ryan do their first radio show back together.

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Emma tells Baze that he's so much more that his father, they kiss, then he asks her to leave.

That's How It Is

Paul Freeman

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Lux's class celebrates their graduation; Cate & Baze kiss; Lux has her photo taken with her family & friends.


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