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Lost Girl Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 11

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Season 2

Episode 11 • Can't See The Fae-Rest (aka If A Fae Falls In A Forest)

Oh My Love - John and Jehn

Oh My Love

John and Jehn

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A couple leaves a party to have sex.

All Saints Day


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Ciara fills Bo in on the party guests.

Right Before Ya

Michael Boland

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Kenzi & Bo arrive at the party and introduce themselves to Russell; Kenzi gets a tour as Bo meets Clive.

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Dyson & Bo chat with Heinze at The Dal.

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Kenzi questions Russell about Cameron, then asks to meet Lita S.

Lass Vicious - Old Man Luedecke

Lass Vicious

Old Man Luedecke

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Trick confronts Heinze about soliciting in The Dal.

Falling Away - Big Scary

Falling Away

Big Scary

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Clive shows Bo pictures of his niece, until they are interrupted by Lita S

Celtic March

Tim Tickner

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Bo, Ciara & Dyson discuss Lita S.

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The group discuss other suspects.

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Bo tells Kenzie she's starting to like Ciara; Ciara & Bo talk about Lita's Fae type.

Formulas and Functions (Remix)

Circle Research ft Maylee Todd

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Bo tells Ciara she's her friend, then offers some advice.


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