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Lost Girl Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 15

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Season 2

Episode 15 • Table For Fae

Shame On Me

Amanda Blank

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Kenzi returns home with Nate to find Bo spending time with Ryan.

Quit, Your Being Thoughtless

Moros Eros

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Bo & Kenzi question Tony about Cole.

Haydn's String Quartet

Kristian Southhouse

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Ryan tells Bo about the gadget he's working on, then she asks him to go on a double date with Kenzi & Nate.

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Ryan & Bo meet Kenzi & Nate for dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Cruising The Boulevard

APM Music / Cherry Picked Music

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Ryan tells the group he pre-ordered for everyone; Nate proposes a toast to new experiences & new friends.

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Nate & Kenzi tell Bo & Ryan stories from the tour.

On A Roll


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Bo & Ryan meet with Tony, who tells them that Delphine is at the party.

Summer Sounds

Maylee Todd

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Kenzi & Nate finish their feast as The Morrigan arrives.

Baby In The Black And White

Madison Violet

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Hale informs Dyson that Jack Everett turned himself into the station.


Elektrisk Gonner

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Ryan presents Marissa to Bo as a gift; credits.

Serenity Blanket

Kristian Southhouse

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Bo & Ryan get the spiel from the clinic about the treatments they offer.


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