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Lost Girl Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 10

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Season 3

Episode 10 • Delinquents

With The New Crowd - Freedom Fry

With The New Crowd

Freedom Fry

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Bo looks at herself in the mirror as Kenzi informs her someone is breaking into their house.

Malevolent Me

Hail Archer

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Matt & Della make-out, until he disappears.

All Signs Point To Lauderdale - A Day To Remember

All Signs Point To Lauderdale

A Day To Remember

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The camp kids talk about the animal attacks as Dyson interrupts them.

Back To Blazin - D.O.

Back To Blazin


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Some of the camp kids hang out listening to music until Kenzi arrives.

Having You Around

July Talk

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Dyson tells Bo & Kenzi about the problems at the urban camp.

Say Goodbye (I Won't Even)


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Lauren tells Bo she's not happy, feels like she's losing herself and wants a break from their relationship.

The Sweet Release

Ringer T

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Trick tells Bo & Kenzi he thinks the Fae they're dealing with is a Caltrops.

Change My Needs - Scars On 45

Change My Needs

Scars On 45

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Lauren informs Dyson that she & Bo are 'on a break', then they list what they love about Bo; Bo packs up Lauren's belongings.


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