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The Lying Game Soundtrack [2011]

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Episode 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 • Pilot

Letting Go

Sonia and Oskar

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Emma returns to her foster family's home after going for a run.

Don't You - El May

Don't You

El May

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Emma finds Sutton's car.

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Sutton joins her friends at Char's place and they catch up on what's happened since Sutton left for Paris.

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Laurel's phone rings.

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Sutton's phone rings as Emma calls her.

Get Ready

The Daylights

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Emma runs away from her foster family & the police.

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Teenage Dream

Katy Perry

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Emma drives to Sutton's home.

Enchanted - Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift

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Emma takes the bus to Phoenix and meets Sutton.

Only In Dreams

The Letters

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Luke tells 'Sutton' that it's about time some stood up to Nisha; Emma asks Laurel about her parents & the adoption.

Jump Into The Sun - Goldenhorse

Jump Into The Sun


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Emma gets out of bed & looks through Sutton's closet.

Born To Party

Julia Michaels

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Nisha arrives to issue an invitation to her party then challenges 'Sutton' to a tennis match.

Never Gonna Live, Never Going To Die - The Hugs

Never Gonna Live, Never Going To Die

The Hugs

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Emma looks around Sutton's room, then uses the mirror to work on her Sutton impression.

It's A Dance Party

Megatrax Music

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Emma & Laurel arrive at Mad's place.

New Years Kiss

Vanessa Olivarez

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Luke leads 'Sutton' into the school auditorium for a kiss.

Wham Bam - Clooney

Wham Bam


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The 'Sutton' versus Nisha tennis match.

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Ethan questions 'Sutton's' identity; Emma heads for the cabin.

Again And Again

5Alarm Music

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The girls arrive at Nisha's party; Emma tells Luke she saw him with Nisha then she slaps Nisha and leaves.

Clutch Shooter - Kid Kamakazi

Clutch Shooter

Kid Kamakazi

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Someone climbs into a vehicle with Sutton.


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