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The Lying Game Soundtrack [2011]

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Episode 9

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Season 1

Episode 9 • Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High

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Lexi asks 'Emma' how things went in Phoenix with her twin.

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Lexi takes Sutton to her home.

Stuck For The Summer

Two Hours Traffic

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Lexi gives some of Emma's clothes to Sutton.

Defying Gravity

Matt Johnson

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Sutton puts together an outfit for school.

George Was Here

Michael Alan Levine

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Thayer pitches an app to a potential investor; Emma asks Alec how you can tell if someone is hiding something.

Turn Me On


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Sutton & Lexi arrive at the Casino party.

After School

The Nights

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Sutton talks Lexi into going to the Casino party.

Who's That Boy

Demi Lovato ft Dev

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Lexi complains that Sutton's on a losing streak; Calvin takes over dealing, then Sutton starts winning.

Everything You Need

Kate Booye

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Emma tells Ethan that Kristin lied about her argument with Ted.

You Belong To Me

Adam Marc Johnson

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Derek breaks up with Char; Emma tells Char that she saw Derek talking with Alec.

Come Away With Me


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Sutton gets on a bus to Phoenix; Emma reads Sutton's letter to Ethan.


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