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Episode 19

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Episode 19 • Why Don't You Love Me

The Morning Of The Rain (Roadie Version) - Jonathan Jackson

The Morning Of The Rain (Roadie Version)

Jonathan Jackson

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Deacon assures Rayna that he's not looking for a way out; Avery performs a new song with the stage crew.

I'm A Keeper - The Band Perry

I'm A Keeper

The Band Perry

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Rayna & Juliette pose for the media.

Hypnotizing - Hayden Panettiere

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Teddy tries to connect with Maddie at the father-daughter dance and final talks her onto the dance floor.

Stompin' Grounds

Connie Britton

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Avery sits with Juliette as

She Cranks My Tractor - Dustin Lynch

She Cranks My Tractor

Dustin Lynch

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Juliette is asked about Dante's whereabouts.

Spinning Wheels - Brian Keane

Spinning Wheels

Brian Keane

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Rayna & Deacon kiss in the hallway, then argue over Rayna not being open with him.

Monroe Suede - Ashley Monroe

Monroe Suede

Ashley Monroe

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Avery volunteers to be Juliette's guitar player after Deacon refuses; Scarlett meets up with Will at the party.

Used - Hayden Panettiere

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Juliette makes a toast to Dante, then performs a new song; Rayna tells her sister that things didn't go well with Deacon; Deacon leaves the party.

Stubborn Love - The Lumineers

Stubborn Love

The Lumineers

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Scarlett introduces Rayna to Will.

Gun For A Mouth - Sam Palladio

Gun For A Mouth

Sam Palladio

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Gunnar listens to a recording of his song as Scarlett arrives home from the party.

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Rayna & Deacon perform a song together; Maddie & Teddy arrive home; Juliette is carried into her house; Scarlett confronts Gunnar about taking Jason's song.


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