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Nashville Soundtrack [2012]

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Episode 4

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Season 2

Episode 4 • You're No Angel Yourself

A Life That's Good

Charles Esten

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Maddie listens to Deacon's song while with her family at a cemetery.

The New Black

Moon Taxi

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Will is told he needs to record the song he performed at the showcase; Layla and Scarlett have publicity shots taken.

Wayfaring Stranger (A Cappella Version)

Chaley Rose

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Scarlett finds Zoey rehearsing a song in a church.

Hey, Doreen


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Bucky informs Juliette her new car is a gift from Charlie Wentworth.

Peace Of Mind

Mikal Cronin

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Will tells Gunnar that Edgehill wants him to record the song that Gunnar wrote.

What If I Was Willing

Sam Palladio

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Avery walks in on Gunnar playing his song in an empty Bluebird Cafe.

Left My Woman

The Wild Feathers

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Deacon & Megan chat, then end up kissing.

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Juliette rehearses one of her old songs for the tour.

A Life That's Good

Lennon & Maisy Stella

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Maddie & Daphne sing Deacon's song as Rayna listens from the hallway.

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Scarlett & Zoey hang out at a bar where Scarlett ends up meeting a fan.


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