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Episode 13

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Season 2

Episode 13 • It's All Wrong, But It's All Right

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Rayna greets Mr. Boone; Juliette helps Maddie put on make-up as Avery tells her she needs to get ready to perform.

You Sound Good To Me

Lucy Hale

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Luke & Rayna talk the media and pose for pictures.

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Juliette practice how she's going to apologize to her fans as Jeff gloats to Glenn.

Crazy Tonight

Clare Bowen

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Scarlett performs a song for Liam, who ends up stopping her and telling the band to leave.

Dirt Road Kid

Justin Moore

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Rayna tries to talk to Mr. Boone about her new album.

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Rayna chats with Mr. Boone as Daphne tells them the ceremony is starting.


Sam Riggs

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Jeff confronts Luke about all the promotion he's doing for Rayna; Maddie gets an autograph from Austin Dillon; Mr. Boone tells Rayna he'll make shelf space for her record by removing Juliette's albums.

Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet

Hayden Panettiere

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Juliette performs a song devoted to her detractors as Jeff glowers from the sidelines with a smiling Glenn at his side.

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Brad Paisley talks to Juliette about being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

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Rayna & Luke perform the single from her new album; Jeff makes a call in an attempt to block Rayna's album release.

Wild Country

Wake Owl

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Deacon talks to Avery about the record deal he was offered.

Black Roses

Clare Bowen

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Scarlett records her new song; Rayna makes a deal with Mr. Boone; Will lies in bed with Layla; Tandy heads home.


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