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Nashville Soundtrack [2012]

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Episode 18

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Season 2

Episode 18 • Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down

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Scarlett & Avery work on a song backstage.

Joy Parade (a capella version)

Lennon & Maisy Stella

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Maddie & Daphne show off their knowledge of beats to Colt.

Tell That Devil

Hayden Panettiere

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Juliette performs at the concert.

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Luke, Deacon & Will perform a song together; Gunnar informs Jeff he co-wrote the song that Luke is performing, then Jeff asks him if Will is gay; Rayna confronts Maddie about the video she posted and letting the world know she's Deacon's daughter.

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Scarlett performs her new song and dedicates it to Juliette.

Drunk Last Night

Eli Young Band

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Scarlett decides to stay at the bar; Juliette asks Avery if Scarlett is taking drugs, then tells him she's terrified of the possibility he could break her heart.

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Colt & Maddie bond over annoying parents while Rayna performs; Maddie joins Deacon in the audience.

Joy Parade (a capella version)

Lennon & Maisy Stella

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Colt plays back his remix of Maddie & Daphne's song as Luke & Rayna return to the dressing room.


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