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Nashville Soundtrack [2012]

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Episode 9

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Season 3

Episode 9 • Two Sides To Every Story

Boat House

Noah Gundersen

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Terry is interviewed about his return to music, then Scarlett rescues him when the questions turn to the loss of his family.

Half a Mile


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Layla & Will go incognito to the music festival.

Too Free To Live

Brett Detar

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Gunnar introduces Micah to funnel cakes as Zoey joins them at the music festival.

Scraping The Bottom

The Dirty River Boys

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Juliette uses a crazy disguise to spy on Avery; Avery & Sadie talk music as Juliette watches from afar.


City Tribe

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Will tries a new drink.

Take You There

The Wagoneers

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Juliette confronts Avery about his date with Sadie; Avery sets Juliette straight on his relationship with Sadie; Will continues drinking and chats with his bartender.

Storm's Comin'

Mykelti Williamson

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Terry performs at the music festival as Scarlett watches from backstage; Zoey confronts Gunnar about his turning down their opportunity with Noel.

I Found A Way

Aubrey Peeples

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Jeff hears Layla performing a song in a tent at the music festival.

Renee, Mrs. Madero, Jesus and the Mountain Tops

Rusty Maples

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Noel Laughlin meets with Gunnar, Avery & Zoey; Avery yells at Gunnar & Zoey for bickering in front of Noel.

Don't You

Megan O'Neill

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Scarlett runs into an upset Zoey while searching for Terry.

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Scarlett performs with Gunnar & Avery as Micah watches from the audience; Zoey sees them performing as she gets in a cab; Terry drinks while listening to the song.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Connie Britton & Will Chase

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Rayna & Luke perform a song for their Christmas special; Will finds Layla's bed empty; Layla wakes up in Jeff's bed; Zoey heads for Los Angeles; Deacon rips a picture of Rayna off his guitar case.


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