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The O.C. - S3E19 Soundtrack

The Secrets And Lies

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Complete List of Songs

  • Faster Kill PussycatPaul Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy
    Paul Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy
    This song plays at the beginning of the Episode at the Bait Shop. Seth and Summer analyze Ryan and Sadie's body language, trying to determine how into eachother they are, then they see Volchok and Marissa making out.
  • Spin Me AroundThe Surge
    The Surge
    In the Harbor Student Lounge, Seth and Summer trade off on an arcade game while discussing if they should tell Ryan about Marissa and Volchok. They decide to keep quiet.
  • A Night In VegasVictor Malloy
    Victor Malloy
    This song plays as Sadie and Ryan are making out in the poolhouse, and get interrupted by Seth. Seth tells Ryan through the door that Marissa and Volchok have been hooking up, and kills the mood. It plays for a second time after Sadie leaves, and Seth has his tail between his legs.
  • When You're GoneLuther Russell
    Luther Russell
    You first hear this song in the Diner as Ryan and Sadie's date is interrupted by Volchok's buddies, seated at the table next to them, loudly talking about Marissa. It plays again when Ryan comes back and tells Volchok's buddies to tell Volchok to meet him under the pier the next day.
  • Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (CFTPA)
    You hear this song at the Bait Shop when Marissa unsucessfully tries to buy a drink.
  • MeredithOceansize
    This song plays as Ryan gets Sadie to stay, and Marissa takes her first bump.


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