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The O.C. - S3E20 Soundtrack

The Day After Tomorrow

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Complete List of Songs

  • Good DayTally Hall
    Tally Hall
    This song first plays as Seth and Summer try on winter clothes in preparation for attending college at Brown. It continues as Ryan and Sadie make out before talking about college. You hear it again as Ryan sees Seth in the Cohen Kitchen, and they talk about college. Later in the episode the song plays as Seth, Ryan and Summer look in the mail for their college acceptance letters. Finally, you hear it while Seth is on the phone with Brown, trying to find out if his letter of denial was a mistake.
  • That's All I NeedThe Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
    The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
    This songs plays at Volchok's apartment, as he is talking to Marissa on the telephone while she is at school.
  • ChinaChris Holmes
    Chris Holmes
    You first hear this song as Sadie reads Ryan's palm, and they make out. The second time it plays, Seth and Summer are in the Rangerover talking about Sadie and Ryan. Summer gets mad when Seth accuses Ryan of being to young to know what he wants in a relationship, applying it to their own.
  • The Secret ShotDopo Yuma
    Dopo Yuma
    In the student lounge, Summer asks Ryan if he's seen Seth, and she finds out that he hasn't invited her yet to the celebration dinner. Then, Ryan talks to Seth about Sadie, and going away to college.
  • The CrimeTrue Love
    True Love
    You hear this song at the "Sweatshirt Party" on the beach. Seth tells Summer he isn't going to Brown, and Ryan tells Marissa he is always "there" for her, while Sadie feels left out of the festivities.
  • Fog (Again) (Live Version)Radiohead
    This song plays at the end of the episode. A heartbroken Summer rips up her college collage and is consoled by Marissa. Seth and Ryan sit silently in the pool house, defeated.


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