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The O.C. - S3E23 Soundtrack

The Party Favor

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Complete List of Songs

  • Getting Hit On At The BankThe Briefs
    The Briefs
    This song plays as Seth and Ryan walk on the pier and talk about prom. Seth is trying to figure out how to ask Summer to be his date, and is also trying to convince Ryan to ask someone. Their conversation is cut short when they see Volchok making out with someone who isn't Marissa.
  • Earthquakes and SharksBrandston
    This song plays at the Diner where Summer thinks she is meeting someone from Brown, and instead it is Seth asking her to prom. Marissa asks Volchok, and Ryan asks Theresa. Summer says "No".
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin
    You hear this song as Ryan and Marissa talk about their prom dates in the student lounge. Marissa lets Ryan know her and Volchok are still together.
  • One DayBratsound
    You first hear this song as Marissa and Summer are getting ready for prom. They are listening to this CD, which is supposed to be by "Big Korea", Summer's prom date. It plays for a second time at senior prom as Theresa gets a call from the guy she is "sort of" seeing, but decides to stay with Ryan, and Ryan finds Volchok making out with another girl.
  • To All Of YouSyd Matters
    Syd Matters
    You hear this song as Marissa and Summer look at an old photo with Seth and Ryan, then they go to the Cohen's house to take pre-prom photos. Summer leaves Seth's confession napkin on Sandy's desk. The song plays again at the end of the episode as Marissa sit alone drinking on the Pier, Ryan and Theresa talk about the "new Marissa" and the "new Ryan", and then almost kiss.
  • RandomLady Sovereign
    Lady Sovereign
    This is the first song that plays at the prom. Anna and Seth try to make Summer jealous, and Summer does the same to them. Summer takes Volchok's flask and proceeds to get drunk. Volchok gets bored and goes to smoke some pot.
  • I Can't Come DownEmbrace
    The "slow dance" at the prom. During this song Summer continues drinking, Marissa looks around for Volchok, and Anna tries to convince Seth to continue on with "the plan".
  • Gotta ReasonHard-FI
    You hear this song at the Bait Shop prom afterparty. People are getting rowdy, Marissa is bummed out, Seth checks on Summer and Anna convinces him to tell her the truth.


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