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The O.C. - S3E24 Soundtrack

The Man Of The Year

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Complete List of Songs

  • The PioneersBloc Party
    Bloc Party
    This song begins the episode as Ryan realizes he beat up Volchok pretty bad. You hear this song again when Volchok blackmails Ryan into being his lookout when he steals a car. Volchok tries to hotwire the car as Ryan yells at him that a patrol car is on its way. Volchok speeds off in the stolen car, and Ryan runs away from the scene.
  • The PioneersTunng
    This different version of the previous song first plays as Ryan is driving Volchok to the hospital. It plays for a second time as Volchok is brought into the hospital and Ryan is left to reflect in the parking lot. This song plays again at the end of the episode as Seth is taken away from the Newport Bay Yacht Club in handcuffs by the police.
  • Some You Give AwayLa Rocca
    La Rocca
    You hear this song while Seth and Summer make out in Seth's room. Summer interrupts to tell Seth about the letter, but can't bring herself to say it.
  • SpaceshipThe Vines
    The Vines
    This song first plays after Seth finds Kirsten drunk and passed out. Seth tucks her into bed and cleans up after her. This song plays for a second time when Kirsten goes into Seth's room to reconcile. Seth is upset with Sandy still, but Kirsten convinces him to attend Sandy's "Man of the Year" ceremony.
  • Cherry BombThe Runaways
    The Runaways
    You hear this song when Marissa initiates her plan to help Kaitlin out at Knightley School. Marissa strolls across the campus dressed as a student on her way to meet Trevor.
  • Flames Go HigherEagles of Death Metal
    Eagles of Death Metal
    This song plays as Marissa ties Trevor up in a storage closet at Knightley in preparation for her striptease for him. Marissa steals Trevor's pants to get to his keys, leaves him in the closet and locks the door on her way out.


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