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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 7

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Season 5

Episode 7 • In Da Club

Tick Tick Boom - The Hives

Tick Tick Boom

The Hives

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The gang toast to getting what they want.

Jean Paul Belmondo - The Temporary Thing

Jean Paul Belmondo

The Temporary Thing

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Peyton & Lucas argue over rent; Owen discovers Victoria's relationship to Brooke; Nate promises Carrie he won't tell Haley about her activities.

Drama Queen - Switches

Drama Queen


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Brooke reintroduces Mouth to Millicent; Haley & Lindsey chat; Lucas & Nate discuss women.

Just Let It Go

Red Panda

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Alice shows up at TRIC; Haley talks with Nate.

Read My Lips

Center Court Party

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Brooke confronts Victoria; Haley & Peyton talk to Mia.

Hey Mrs (Glamour Puss Mix) - I Monster

Hey Mrs (Glamour Puss Mix)

I Monster

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Mouth & Millicent exchange bad date stories; Peyton informs Brook of Victoria's arrival.

Sun and Shadow


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Nate & Haley make plans for later; Peyton asks Mia to open for The Honorary Title.

Would You Still Be Mine

Alex Winston

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Carrie flirts with Nate; Peyton tries to pay Lucas rent; Lucas asks Lindsey to talk to Peyton.

Stay Away - The Honorary Title

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Lindsey tells Lucas to figure out what he wants; Mouth ends things with Alice & is fired; Haley sees Lucas & Peyton kiss; Brooke tells Peyton to go after Lucas.

Almost - Round 2


Round 2

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Mouth tells Brooke about his relationship with Alice.

Chinatown - The Velocet


The Velocet

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Millicent tries to kiss Mouth; Haley & Peyton reassure Mia.

No Good - Kate Voegele

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Mia performs; Lucas asks Brooke to talk to Peyton & Lindsey; Peyton sends Victoria a 'Bitter Shrew'.

Never Meant For You (Robotekks Mix)

David Kater

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Jason arrives at TRIC & hits on Carrie; Quentin thanks Nate for covering for him.

Where I Sleep - Echo Helstrom

Where I Sleep

Echo Helstrom

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Lindsey storms off; Peyton & Brooke argue.

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Performed at TRIC as Mia confronts Jason & Quentin punches him; Victoria & Brooke argue; Haley yells at Nate.

Far More - The Honorary Title

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Performed at TRIC as Carrie continues flirting with Nate after they arrive home; Owen & Brooke talk; Haley tells Nate that she's disappointed; Peyton discovers that Lindsey & Lucas are engaged.


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