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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 10

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Season 5

Episode 10 • Running To Stand Still

Only Fooling Myself

Kate Voegele

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Peyton asks Mia about John.

I Like What You Say

Nada Surf

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Haley calls home; Carrie joins Nate in the shower.


Andrew Bird

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Dan's parole hearing.

Tell Me How

Sara Lov

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Lucas asks Quentin about his hand; Carrie tells Jamie goodbye.

Best Not To Think About It


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Brooke tells Rachel she's taking her home to Tree Hill; Jamie falls in the pool as his parents argue.

See These Bones

Nada Surf

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Lucas & Nate drive to Dan's parole hearing; Mia hears Peyton agreeing with John.

Here Goes Something

Nada Surf

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Brooke chats with Owen & invites him to New York.

Right Here With You

Frozen Flames

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Brooke & Owen discuss Rachel; Quentin is told he needs a cast; Jamie asks Haley about Carrie; Peyton & Mia talk about John's offer.

The Film Did Not Go 'Round

Nada Surf

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Owen tells Brooke he was an addict; Nate tells Quentin to enjoy his accomplishments.


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