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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 13

Episode 13 • Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Little Bird - The Weepies

Little Bird

The Weepies

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Peyton talks about her mom; Lucas chats with Andy; 'Wants' montage.

Push Your Head Towards The Air

The Editors

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Recap; Lucas & Nate beat up Dan.

Good Kind Of Crazy - Brighton, MA

Good Kind Of Crazy

Brighton, MA

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Peyton leaves Max a note; Brooke asks about the evaluation; 'Problems with the past' montage.

Drink Too Much - Tim Williams

Drink Too Much

Tim Williams

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Nate & Haley's therapist asks them about their former careers; Brooke is asked about her childhood & the men she has dated; Peyton questions Max about closing the music store.

Love Under Key - La Rocca

Love Under Key

La Rocca

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Haley & Nate are asked if they miss performing; Max & Peyton discuss Lucas.

Home - Foo Fighters

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Peyton drives off; Brooke picks Jamie up from school; Haley & Nate kiss; montage & voice-overs.

It Couldn't Be Me - Johnathan Rice

It Couldn't Be Me

Johnathan Rice

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Brooke is asked about Lucas; Andy asks Lucas about Lindsey & his book.

Let Me Breathe

The Hours

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Brooke is told she won't be allowed to adopt; Lily tells Lucas about a dream; Max suggests that Peyton may have come home for a reason other than Lucas; the therapy session ends.


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