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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 4

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Episode 4 • Can You Hear Me Now?

In My Stride

Oh Mercy

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Aria looks around Ezra's apartment and they talk about her parents.

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Hanna & her dad talk at dinner about her need to get away from dealing with Alison's death.

Go Jetsetter

The Postmarks

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Hanna & Spencer discuss the problem with the history paper while Hanna tries on clothes.

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Maya gives Emly a scarf.

We Started Something

Lana Mir

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Aria yells at Ezra for defending her in class.

Charmed Life

Joy Williams

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Hanna & her mom get ready to go out; Tom arrives to take Hanna to dinner.

Thieves And Their Hands

Rachael Cantu

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Hanna's mom chastises her for bringing the police into their lives again; the girls discuss the memorial garden for Alison.


Timmy Curran

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Ezra apologizes to Aria, and as they continue to talk, she realizes that she needs to tell her mother about her father's affair.

My Oldest Friend

Andrew Belle

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Hanna has an awkward dinner with her father and his fiancee & her daughter.

I Don't Need You Anymore

Jim Camacho

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A dedicates a song to Hanna over the radio.


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