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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack

7 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Upside Down
    Garrison Starr
    Emily goes to meet with Paige & Samara from Sheridan Prep; Hanna & Aria set up a profile to find out information about Jackie.
    Tom Andrew
  • Come And Find Me
    Josh Ritter
    Emily & Samara talk about Paige & secret relationships.
    Tom Andrew
  • Backed Into The Corner
    Amy Stroup
    Emily checks out Samara's booth at the festival, then they are joined by Paige.
    Tom Andrew
  • What We Want
    Bess Rogers
    Aria removes Jackie as a profile friend right after being accepting; Hanna tells Mona to help her avoid Caleb; Mona rips up Caleb's letter for Hanna.
    Tom Andrew
  • The Last Time
    The Daylights
    Ian confonts Spencer about trying to bring him down.
    Tom Andrew
  • Something Inside
    The Longcuts
    Spencer gets a text from Toby, which leads to a message from A.
    Tom Andrew
  • I Don't Want To Leave
    Matthew Perryman Jones
    Aria urges Hanna to go talk with Caleb when they see him getting on a bus.
    Tom Andrew


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