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Episode 25

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Season 2

Episode 25 • unmAsked

Better In time

Leona Lewis

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Jenna advises someone that the girls will be at the masquerade ball; the girls arrive at the ball; Caleb surprises Hanna by showing up at the ball; Hanna promises Mona 'no more secrets'; Spencer tells Mona she's a great friend to Hanna; Mona tells Spencer abnout seeing Alison spying on someone in Brookhaven.

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The girls hang out in Ezra's apartment

Days I Regret

Allie Moss

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Paige tells Emily she wishes she'd fought harder for her & that she'll be there for her.

Out To Kill


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Hanna, Aria & Emily watch as Jenna & Lucas head off with someone in a black swan costume.

Just A Kiss

Lady Antebellum

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Ezra & Aria dance & kiss; Paige meets up with Emily.

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Emily's mother tells the girls that a body was found that they think might be Maya.

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Hanna searches for the black swan costume.

If It's A Dream

Renald Francoeur

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The girls try to contact Spencer.

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Ezra & Aria reunite at the ball; Hanna & Caleb dance.


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