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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 10

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Season 3

Episode 10 • What Lies Beneath

Oh My My - Act As If

Oh My My

Act As If

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Nate asks Emily if she wants to go see Maya's favorite band, The Owl Kings, play, then they observe Jenna & Noel together; Nate insists on giving Jenna the birthday gift he bought her.

The Daylight - Andrew Belle

The Daylight

Andrew Belle

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Hanna offers to help Emily look through Maya's site, then she tells Wren it's too soon to get involved with someone else.

This Is Just So Beautiful - Jenny and Tyler

This Is Just So Beautiful

Jenny and Tyler

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Ezra asks Aria about Zack's interest in them, then suggest she go say hello.

All For You - Right The Stars

All For You

Right The Stars

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Ella stops by the cafe to ask Zack if he wants to have a drink.


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