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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 23

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Season 4

Episode 23 • Unbridled

My Way Home - Nick D' & The Believers

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At The Brew, the girls discuss the note Paige sent the police and what could happen as a result.

Closed Window

Chris Arena

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Ashley tells the girls it's time to head on stage; Spencer witnesses Mrs. DiLaurentis pass someone an item in the woods.

Chapel Of Love - Bette Midler

Chapel Of Love

Bette Midler

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The girls gets dressed for the bridal show; Spencer tells Jason about her return to rehab.

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Aria tries to decide on an outfit while fielding a call from her mom about the liquor tab from the hotel room, then Ella surprises her by walking in the door.

Name In Lights - Little Daylight

Name In Lights

Little Daylight

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Hanna asks Travis to distract Mrs. DiLaurentis so she & the girls can get something from the house; Aria removes her veil.


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